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Soap in Oven Magnet

Soap in Oven Magnet

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I made this magnet to put onto my stove when I am CPOPing my soap to mitigate the risk of someone turning on the stove while my soap is in there. When not in use, I stick it to the side of my refrigerator. 

Please note that this is magnetic, so if your oven controls don't have a magnetic surface around them, it will not stick. (I made it big enough to (I hope!) fit most stoves.)  I have an electric Samsung stove, and it works fine.  I DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS, so please make sure this will work for you before ordering.  The design is printed on a magnet sheet, so do not get the magnet wet or the colors could run/bleed.

Magnet size is approximately 3.3" wide x 5.45" tall.

No Refunds

Products are made to order, so I do not offer refunds or exchanges.

Care Information

Do not get magnet wet or there is a risk the colours will bleed.

Materials and care

Rinse your mold under cool water and towel dry to clean mold. Never soak your molds as they can retain water. Do not place your molds in the dishwasher. PLA is susceptible to heat, so please do not use warm or hot water.

Our molds are made of PLA which is derived from renewable resources like corn starch or sugar cane.  To clean your mold, rinse under cool water and towel dry.  PLA is heat sensitive and can retain water, so molds should never be put in the dishwasher or soaked, and should not be rinsed with warm or hot water.

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